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A message from Dr. Rubinfeld.

Dry eye disease and dry eye symptoms are amongst the most underdiagnosed, undertreated ocular conditions. Dry eye disease can significantly affect quality of life, increasing problems in daily functions:

  • Reading

  • Professional Work

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Computer Use

  • Driving

As both a practicing optometrist and a dry-eye sufferer, I have a unique perspective on this "treatment gap." Through educating and treating our patients I hope to increase awareness of dry eye as a common condition, and commit to my patients to uncompromisingly diagnosis and treat this disease.

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Meet The Optometrist ERIC C. RUBINFELD, OD

Dr. Rubinfeld has been practicing, lecturing and training other professionals for 30 years and is a well regarded and respected healthcare provider. He previously held the position as Medical Director for 3 national healthcare companies and has trained over 100 doctors in his former position.

In addition to general eyecare services, Dr. Rubinfeld specializes in the treatment of dry eye conditions and offers state of the art diagnostic and treatment for this and other ocular health conditions.

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Macular Degeneration

Dry Eye Treatment



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HDR 9000
HPE 910
iCare Eidon
Optovue iScan
reichert 7cr
Retaval With Sensor Strips
vx120 Visionix
zeiss humhrey matrix 8.0

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