Choosing Frames for Your Face Shape

Choosing Frames for Your Face Shape

Choosing Frames for Your Face Shape

Choosing Frames for Your Face Shape

Your eyeglasses should be able to correct your vision while complementing your face shape. The American Academy of Optometry sees the importance of looking good while getting corrective eye treatments. It maintains your self-esteem and removes the awkwardness of wearing eyeglasses. That is why choosing the correct frames for your face shape is important. Here are the details that you should know.


If You Have a Round Face

Round faces tend to have protruding cheeks that often leave marks at the bottom part of the lenses. You should choose a frame that matches your round face. A cat-eye frame has a retro feel to it. Its thicker rims can give you a soft, youthful look. These frames are wider, so they do not sit on your cheeks at all.

Another option would be a rectangular frame. This type of frame balances out the roundness of your face. The contrast of the angles gives more sophistication and strength to your look. Either thin or thick rims can do the job.


If You Have a Square Face

This type of face shape has a wider forehead and a striking jawline. The aim is to tone down these strong features. Round frames with thin rims can soften your angular features. The curves can divert the attention from your jawline or forehead to your eyes.

Cat-eye frames can match your square face as well. It has curves that can balance your angles. The thick rims at the top half of this frame can flatter your square shape. A mirrored rim can pull attention to your eyes and not the angles of your face.


If You Have a Heart-shaped Face

Your heart-shaped face gives you high cheekbones and a tapering jawline. Your chin looks longer, and your forehead appears wider. For this, you must look for a rectangular frame. This type of frame is wider than your forehead. The rim at the bottom should be thicker than the top. This will balance out your narrow chin.

Cat-eye frames are also good for heart-shaped faces. They highlight your cheekbones while maintaining the balance of the other parts of your face. The upward-sweeping frame can lift your face. This focuses the attention on your eyes.


If You Have an Oval Face

People with oval faces can have any frame they want. An oval face almost has the right proportions. If you have this face shape, you can wear an aviator style or a round frame. Either frame is broader than the rest of your face. It can bring out your striking features more. 


Choosing the Right Frame

You can add more fun to your prescription glasses by choosing the right frame that complements your face shape. Taking the time to choose your frame must be the first thing that you do before getting your eyes checked for the correct prescription. Considering some factors can make your decision easier. Here are some of them:


  • Show off your personality. The frame you choose must let other people know your style and personality.

  • Think about your lifestyle. Match your frame’s features with your daily activities.

Getting the frames that match your face shape can give your eyesight and looks a significant boost. At Westchester Eyes & Aesthetics, we offer a vast collection of frames for every patient’s needs and preferences. Visit our clinic in Yonkers, New York, for an in-person consultation. Call 914-586-3937 to schedule an appointment or inquire about our eyeglass frame pricelist.

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