Glaucoma Treatment in Yonkers, NY

Glaucoma Treatment in Yonkers, NY

Glaucoma Treatment in Yonkers, NY

Glaucoma Treatment in Yonkers, NY

Navigating glaucoma treatments can be a journey, and at Westchester Eyes, our focus is on early diagnosis and co-managing your care. If you've received a glaucoma diagnosis, you're likely familiar with the conventional treatments—eye drops, laser procedures, and traditional surgery. While effective, researchers are actively exploring new avenues for glaucoma treatments to enhance outcomes and reduce side effects and treatment frequency.

Understanding the Goal of Glaucoma Treatment: Glaucoma, unfortunately, is not curable. However, the objective of treatment is to significantly slow the disease's progression. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve, increasing intraocular pressure (IOP) by fluid buildup in the eye. The primary aim of glaucoma treatment is to reduce this pressure.

Challenges of Standard Glaucoma Treatments: Traditional approaches like eye drops pose challenges, from difficulty in application, especially for older adults, to daily adherence and potential side effects. Laser surgery is a less invasive option, but it may take weeks to see results. If conventional methods prove insufficient, traditional surgery, while effective, comes with potential complications.

Recent Advances in Glaucoma Treatment: Recent developments offer promising alternatives and improvements to eye drops. Innovations include polymer-based contact lens-like structures for extended drug release, microneedles for precise medication delivery, implantable devices with engineered microparticles, and tear duct plugs releasing medication. New combined eye drops like Cosopt, Combigan, and Simbrinza provide convenience for those with multiple daily eye drops.

Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS): MIGS procedures, involving small corneal incisions, offer minimal trauma. Devices like iStent, implanted during cataract surgery, facilitate fluid drainage, reducing internal pressure. MIGS minimizes scarring, potentially allowing for future traditional surgeries if needed. The combination of cataract surgery and MIGS proves effective, reducing the need for medication.

Monitoring Eye Pressure: Accurate monitoring is crucial. The iCare HOME tonometer offers an at-home solution for frequent pressure checks without air puffs or eye drops. Patients can easily share data with their eye doctors, enhancing the monitoring and adjustment of glaucoma treatment plans.

While glaucoma isn't curable, advancements in treatments provide hope. At

Westchester Eyes, we're dedicated to staying at the forefront of these innovations, ensuring that your glaucoma management is not just effective but continually improving. With the right treatment, glaucoma is manageable, allowing you to confidently face the future with clear vision.

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