How Do Neurolens Glasses Correct Eye Misalignment?

How Do Neurolens Glasses Correct Eye Misalignment?

How Do Neurolens Glasses Correct Eye Misalignment?

How Do Neurolens Glasses Correct Eye Misalignment?

Do you experience eye strain, blurriness, headaches, neck pain, and general eye fatigue, especially after using your computer? The symptoms could be due to eye misalignment. Visual misalignment or binocular vision dysfunction occurs when the eyes fail to team up properly. The visual system becomes stressed from trying to focus and strain the trigeminal nerve connected to the brain. 


Eye Misalignment 


Eye misalignment is a disorder where the eyes focus differently. The brain works with the eyes, keeping them aligned and in sync. If your eyes are misaligned, you will experience double vision and other symptoms. 


Studies suggest over 60% of individuals experience varying degrees of eye misalignment symptoms. Even a slight eye misalignment can cause vision problems. The increasing use of digital devices has led to the worsening of eye misalignment problems. Prism corrections can help to provide relief. 


Symptoms of Eye Misalignment 


The eyes should work in perfect harmony to ensure clear vision. Some people have eyes that fail to cooperate due to misalignment. The condition causes symptoms including:


  • Eye pain

  • Blurry vision

  • Eye strain or fatigue

  • Double vision

  • Motion sickness

  • Dizziness

  • Problems with balance

  • Headaches

  • Light sensitivity

  • Vertigo

  • Anxiety or panic attacks

  • Clumsiness


If you lose your place or skip lines while reading, it could be due to eye misalignment.


Neurolens Eyeglasses 


Neurolenses are custom-designed eyeglasses that can help correct binocular vision syndrome or eye misalignment. The lenses help to align the eyes by using contoured prisms. The prisms compensate for the way the eyes align at all distances. 


They correct pressure on the trigeminal nerve. This large complex nerve connected to the brain is responsible for eye, neck, and head sensations. Neurolenses help to alleviate strain and other uncomfortable symptoms. 


How Neurolenses Work 


Neurolenses have contoured prisms that help to address misalignment. Eye specialists use sophisticated equipment to measure the misalignment and use specialized tests to create the lenses. Diagnostic measurement determines the misalignment gap, enabling alignment by synchronizing the eyes. 


Neurolens technology increases the prism gradually from far to near, addressing misalignment at every distance. Technicians insert lenses in frames like regular glasses. Designing the lenses with your regular prescription helps to ensure necessary correction. 


Contoured Vs. Regular Prisms 


Regular prescription glasses have prisms that help to enhance vision, but they only address single-distance eye alignment. Doctors can add the advanced contoured prism to prescription eyeglasses and nonprescription glasses. 


All individual’s eyes are unique, and the prism amount needed will depend on the patient. Even if you have perfect vision, you can still get Neurolens glasses. Some wear them when working on the computer.


Most people experience mild discomfort before adjusting to the Neurolens eyeglasses. The symptoms dissipate when the eyes and brain adjust. The adjustment period can last a few days to several weeks. Most people experience an 80% reduction in symptoms after wearing the lenses. So, Neurolens eyeglasses can help to improve your quality of life. 


For more on how Neurolens glasses correct eye misalignment, visit Westchester Eyes & Aesthetics at our office in Yonkers, New York. Call (914) 586-3937 to book an appointment today. 

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