How Often do I Need an Eye Exam?

How Often do I Need an Eye Exam?

How Often do I Need an Eye Exam?

How Often do I Need an Eye Exam?

Your eyes help you perform many tasks every day. That is why the National Eye Institute stresses the importance of regular eye exams. Knowing how frequent your eye checkups must be can help you keep your appointments better. Here are the details you must consider to know the ideal eye schedule for your age.


The Reason for Getting an Eye Exam

Your eye doctor can spot the early stages of eye issues through regular eye exams. It is easier to treat eye problems this way. These visits can help you form healthy eye care habits. The tips you get can help you avoid serious eye issues as you age. Your eye doctor at Westchester Eyes & Aesthetics can also give you an idea of your general health. The blood vessels in your eyes can tell your eye doctor if you have brewing chronic diseases, such as diabetes.


The Right Schedule

Your eye doctor can explain how often you must have an eye exam. This can help you and your family keep up with your eye checkups as you age. Factors such as your health and age can determine the right frequency of eye exams. Here are the guidelines:


  • Children three years old and below will likely start eye checkups with their first doctor. Their first healthcare provider will look for signs of eye issues, such as lazy eye. An eye doctor will perform a comprehensive eye test when the child reaches three and five years old. The eye doctor will look for eye and vision disorders.

  • School-age kids will need an eye checkup before entering kindergarten. The child’s eye doctor will then recommend the frequency of eye care visits after this appointment.

  • Teens will rely on the eye exam schedule set when they were young. This will ensure proper eye care and maintenance.

  • Adults with healthy eyes and vision can have a comprehensive eye exam when they reach 40 years of age. This is when certain eye diseases and vision changes often begin. The screening results will tell your eye doctor how often you must have your eye exams in the future. Those at least 60 should have eye exams every one to two years.


More Frequent Eye Exams

Some people do not have perfect vision. For them, seeing the eye doctor must happen more often. This is to ensure that the patient will have good eyesight while aging. If the following apply to you, you must see your eye doctor more often:


  • You have a risk of developing glaucoma

  • You are wearing corrective contact lenses or eyeglasses

  • You have a family history of blindness

  • You have a chronic medical condition, such as diabetes


Seeing your eye doctor more often can help maintain or improve your current eye health. Having an eye health provider makes achieving good eyesight easier. You can work with your eye doctor to schedule your eye checkups.

A regular eye exam is vital in keeping your eyes and vision healthy. At Westchester Eyes, we check that our patients get the proper eye care most suitable to their needs. Feel free to drop by our Yonkers, New York clinic for a one-on-one consultation. Please call us at 914-586-3937 to set an appointment or inquire about our eye exam packages.

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