Top 2023 Eyewear Trends

Top 2023 Eyewear Trends

Top 2023 Eyewear Trends

Top 2023 Eyewear Trends

Modern eyeglasses are no longer simply medical devices. While people still use them to correct vision, they also use eyeglasses to enhance their style. The choice of frame can reflect the individual's personality. 

Eyewear manufacturers constantly create new designs to meet various style demands, with something to suit everyone’s taste. Trendy styles include bold and distinct frames that exude confidence. 


Cat-eye Eyeglasses

Cat-eyes are versatile frames that look great on anyone regardless of face shape. Made popular in the 50s and 60s by silver screen icons, the frames continue to attract a loyal following. 

Whether you want classic cat-eyes or futuristic versions, there is something for you. The eyeglasses will continue to trend in 2023. They are glamorous enough to wear during events and conventional enough for the office. 


Bold, Chunky Frames

Chunky eyeglasses are ideal for those looking to update their look in 2023. The retro-style eyeglasses are available in various designs, including oversized acetate frames. They range from modern artistic silhouettes to bold 50s-inspired frames. Oversized frames combine modern lines and vintage flair for the perfect everyday look. There are designs for men and women to complement every face shape. 


Round Frames


Small round frames are a top eyewear trend in 2023. Their style is perfect for angular face shapes. The eyeglasses balance out the square features. They help enhance ordinary-looking features. The frames are ideal for people of all ages, both men and women. They are perfect for people with very high prescriptions. People with round faces should avoid these frames.


Square Retro Frames


The 70s style is trending in 2023. Square frames are especially flattering for round facial shapes. The modern rounded angles help soften the look and add dimension to complement the face. They are ideal for men and women and are available in different materials, including metal and plastic. If you have a square face, avoid this type of frame. 


Aviator Eyeglasses

The cool 70s-styled aviator eyeglasses are still going strong in 2023. Slim aviators are trending this year, and metal frames help add a modern touch. The eyeglasses are perfect for any man who wants to make a statement with a retro look. Frames that add a light, modern touch are ideal for all-day use. 


Transparent Eyeglasses


See-through clear frames are a top 2023 trend. The transparent eyeglasses help add a fun, playful look to any wardrobe. They are perfect for those looking for a contemporary style that is flattering from any angle. They help highlight the best features as they refresh the eyes. You can wear clear frames regardless of your face shape.  


Tortoiseshell Frames 


Classic tortoiseshell frames are available in various colors within the category. They are produced in unique patterns to suit any style. Whether you want subtle or eye-catching frames, you can get precisely what you need for 2023. The eyeglasses can go from office to party in the same breath. The distinct style can complement attractive facial features. 

Other eyewear trends to look out for in 2023 are eco-friendly frames, geometric shapes, and metal or wireframes. Gold metal glasses offer a unique look to refine any outfit. Frame chains can help accessorize any eyeglasses. Tinted lenses are popular this year. Consider your face shape, skin tone, and personality when choosing eyewear. 

For more on the top 2023 eyewear trends, visit Westchester Eyes at our Yonkers, New York office. Call (914) 586-3937 to schedule an appointment today.

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