What Does a Glaucoma Evaluation Entail?

What Does a Glaucoma Evaluation Entail?

What Does a Glaucoma Evaluation Entail?

What Does a Glaucoma Evaluation Entail?

A proper glaucoma diagnosis involves many steps. The American Glaucoma Society counts five basic tests making up a glaucoma evaluation. Your eye doctor will refer you to an eye specialist for these tests. Each is necessary to make a final glaucoma diagnosis. Here are the details that you must consider regarding a comprehensive glaucoma evaluation.



Your eye doctor will use perimetry to test your field of vision. The test creates a map of your full visual field. It will tell the eye doctor if your vision is damaged by glaucoma. It will involve looking ahead as a light spot presents itself in the different sections of your peripheral vision. You must relax and respond well during the exam. Perimetry may be necessary once or twice a year.



This test will examine the color and shape of your optic nerve. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve. Before the test begins, your eye doctor will dilate your pupils with eye drops. This will allow more light to enter your eye. Your optic nerve will then be more visible to your eye doctor. An unusual-looking optic nerve is reason enough to have two more exams—gonioscopy and perimetry.



Measuring your intraocular pressure, or IOC is part of a glaucoma exam. This test is called tonometry. Your eye doctor will use a tonometer to measure your IOC. There will be a device that will apply a small level of pressure on your eye. Other devices apply a puff of air to your numbed eye.



This is an accurate and safe test that will determine your cornea’s thickness. Your eye doctor will use a pachymeter. This instrument will go on the front area of your eye and measure your corneal thickness. This test will take about a minute for both eyes.



Your eye doctor will measure the angle where your cornea meets your iris. This angle may be blocked or open. Your eye doctor will numb your eye with eye drops. Then, the doctor will use a handheld contact lens. Gonioscopy aims to determine if the space between the cornea and iris is blocked or open.


The Technology for a Glaucoma Evaluation

Careful assessment is necessary for a true glaucoma diagnosis. Your eye doctor aims to protect your vision. That is why it is important to look for as many factors as possible before deciding on the proper treatments. Below are some of the latest high-tech devices and instruments for a glaucoma evaluation:


  • The Visionix® iScan80 detects your eye and aligns its camera to your pupil before scanning

  • The Visionix® VX120 Multi-Diagnostic Unit combines many tests with the analysis of your eye’s front chamber

  • The Tomey® Specular Microscope EM-3000 gives a clear picture of your corneal endothelium

  • iCare® EIDON allows your eye doctor to look into your eye structures without pupil dilation eye drops

  • RETeval® helps detect stress in your nerve pathways, optic nerve, and retina

  • Zeiss Humphrey® Matrix 800 tests the peripheral vision to help diagnose glaucoma

  • TearLab® Scout Pro tests your visual fields and contact sensitivity

Understanding what a comprehensive glaucoma evaluation entails can help you prepare for your next eye appointment. At Westchester Eyes & Aesthetics, we provide high-quality eye care products and services. Visit our clinic in Yonkers, New York, for an in-person consultation. Call 914-586-3937 to set an appointment or inquire about our glaucoma evaluation and treatment packages.

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