What Is Neurolens?

What Is Neurolens?

What Is Neurolens?

What Is Neurolens?

As the name suggests, Neurolens is the solution to the current buildup of neuro-related eye problems. Due to the ongoing progressions in technology, many vision issues are occurring. Approximately 70% of people in developed countries develop issues with digital eyestrain. These include shoulder and neck pain, constant headaches, and overall eye stress.


Neurolens Definition

Neurolens is a technology that helps diagnose visual alignment by coupling a measurement tool with a specialized prism optic lens. You can associate them with prism optics that help reduce misalignment issues that result in eyestrain. The technology aims to help solve visual misalignment issues.


Visual Misalignment

In usual terms, this is a double vision. Naturally, your brain and eyes work in tandem to correct misalignment by combining multiple images for you to perceive as one. With time, visual misalignment causes your brain and eyes to tire. Consequently, they cannot comprehend the objects you see and interpret them as a single scenario.


Neurolens – Specifics

Neurolens are currently the only prescription lenses that correct issues surrounding pressure on your trigeminal nerve. The nerve is the most complex cranial nerve, the largest of the 12 primary ones you have. Its anatomy enables it to facilitate communication between your face and brain.

Its primary functions include helping you understand sensory actions like swallowing, biting, and chewing. It may also associate any sensations happening on your face and scalp with each other.


Benefits of Neurolens

Neurolens helps determine the alignment and synchronicity of your eyes. The procedure is simple, painless, and lasts around three minutes. It is helpful in a series of binocular vision dysfunction issues that may be present in your daily life. They may include:


  • Double vision

  • Motion sickness

  • Anxiety

  • Migraines or constant headaches

  • Closter phobia

  • Eyestrain and sensitivity to lights

  • Uncomfortable reading circumstances because of sight

  • Depth perception

  • Pain in the shoulder, neck, and upper back

Each of these symptoms on its own does not point to vision issues. However, treatment through Neurolens can offer a significant improvement in eyesight problems.


How Neurolens Work

The design behind this technology helps comfortably align your eyes to their natural place. It employs a contoured prism that assigns the corrective lenses. Depending on your condition, the eye doctor will customize the lenses. The prescription does not matter. They are ideal for people who wear contacts or those seeking vision correction for the first time.

The treatment begins with your doctor using an nMD (Neurolens measurement device) to measure the alignment in your eyes. It calculates your accommodative convergence to accommodation ratio or AC/A.

The device eliminates bias and variability in the caregiver and yourself by negating an individual’s subjective response during evaluation. An nMD uses an eye-tracking system to objectively measure your focus on how your eyes react to various visual tests.


Neurolens Measurement Device (nMD) Procedure

The nMD begins with an interactive exam to determine your Neurolens prism correction value. Your doctor uses the results to customize your special lenses. They will also inquire about the frequency and severity of your condition. Next is the measurement of your misalignment using nMD and getting your results.

For more on Neurolenses, visit Westchester Eyes & Aesthetics in Yonkers, New York. Call (914) 586-3937 to book an appointment today.

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