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Common Signs of Eye Misalignment

The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus always reminds parents that eye misalignment often starts in childhood. Children start to develop binocular vision at age seven. But some kids develop a redundant lazy eye. Strabismus happens when this worsens. You must be aware of eye misalignment during your child’s formative years. Here are the common signs that you must consider.

How Often do I Need an Eye Exam?

Your eyes help you perform many tasks every day. That is why the National Eye Institute stresses the importance of regular eye exams. Knowing how frequent your eye checkups must be can help you keep your appointments better. Here are the details you must consider to know the ideal eye schedule for your age.

What Dry Eye Treatment Methods Are Most Effective?

The treatment of dry eye has come a long way over the years. The condition has several variables and management options that sometimes make it overwhelming to treat. The first step in treating dry eye involves identifying the root cause.

What Are Dry Eyes?

Your eyes require tears to remain comfortable and healthy. When they are absent or in short supply, your eyes become dry. The same situation may also occur when the tears are a different type.

Are Dry Eyes Hereditary?

Dry eye syndrome is a common and frequently occurring condition. It has diverse and complex causes, making accurate diagnosis problematic. Nowadays, its incidence is on the rise. It can reduce your quality of life and lead to visual disability. It may also compromise the results of refractive, cataract, and corneal surgery. 

How Is Dry Eye Diagnosed?

Your eyes need tears to stay comfortable and healthy. You probably have dry eye syndrome if your eyes produce insufficient tears or when they produce poor quality tears that cannot maintain eye moisture. This condition affects up to 50 percent of all adults. If left untreated, dry eye syndrome can cause declining vision and damage to the corneal surface. 

What to Do If Over-the-counter Medication Isn't Cutting It for Ocular Allergies

People with allergies experience symptoms such as sniffling, nasal congestion, and sneezing. However, allergies also affect the eyes, leaving them itchy, red, burning, watery, or swollen. Some remedies can help soothe eye allergies. Some medications that help with nasal allergies also provide relief for eye allergies. So, what do you do if over-the-counter medication is not working for ocular allergies?

Why My Eyes Are More Irritated in the Fall Season

Fall or autumn is the period of the year that eases summer slowly to winter. During these last days of clear sunny skies, the temperature gradually drops in anticipation of the cold. Many people fall victim to nose, eye, or throat irritations. These are seasonal allergies or physical reactions to the change of weather.

Does Dry Eye Worsen in the Fall?

Chronic dry eye affects people of all ages but is most common among those over 50. It arises when the eyes produce too few tears or tears of poor quality. If not treated, dry eye can cause eye infections or eye damage. Many people who suffer from dry eyes use eye drops daily. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Seasonal Allergies

A new season is a welcomed change for most people. However, it may come with health complications for many people across the globe. Seasonal allergies can cause these problems. Here are the answers to the most common queries about them.

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